Full Service Catering

Brother 2 Brother successfully catered events are made up of a multitude of options: from finding the right venue, pricing the party and choosing the menu, to preparing the food and setting the décor, to hiring staff and finding a reliable valet service. We work with you to craft the perfect menu and décor to complement it. Our full-service wedding catering services guarantee food to fit your vision—from locally sourced vegetables to decadent pastries. Our experienced kitchen staff can cook up delicious dishes to accommodate any dietary preference or restriction, while our full-service catering staff will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly during your every moment of your event. Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash or a Mitzvah celebration, our private event catering services make sure there’s something for everyone to love on the menu.

Brother 2 Brother’s full service catering team is passionate about creating great food and great events anywhere and anytime. We provide our clients with an extensive array of event planning services which include but are not limited to, menu planning with tasting and preview, rental coordination, day-of setup and management services, staff planning, walk-through pre-planning and preparation, theme and room design, table-scaping, ambience and much, much more.

Whether you’re looking for elegant Wedding Catering, great food for your Corporate Event / Holiday Event or festive food stations for an upcoming Birthday or Quinceanera, you can count on us to attend to every detail of preparation, presentation and serving. – In home catering – Personal chef services – Luxury meal chef in Corona “James is a very high-end personal chef – one of the best catering companies & personal chefs you can find!”

Amazing food by my Caterer, aka the singing Chef, James Cameron, at our anniversary party yesterday. When organizing the event with Chef James, his excitement and passion for cooking helped in creating the perfect menu around the Bride’s favorites food.

We all agreed we would much rather pay for Chef James’ services, instead of a restaurant for our next special event, for that special added personal touch and well worth the price and more.